Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the library...

Small, nice, unusually cluttered shape and vibrantly coloured...about 2.5 cm and RM18 each

E001 -Charcoal colored piece....goes well with all the black you have in ur closet..

E002 - Deep purple with black stripes running helter skelter

E003 - I love this gorgeous green...soothing to the eye

E004 - Midnight blue with black stripes

E005 - My favorite color of all times..pearly white with greyish stripes...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bring on the spring..

Ushering the spring with these brilliant colours....width about 3cm and RM 23 (E026 - E028)..RM 25 for E029

E026 - Spring green with wavy design with green stone on silver fish hook

E027 - Lovely turquoise with stone

E028 - Red with red stone with silver fish hook

E029 - This seems to be very popular among the's eye glass on metallic base

Sunday, January 17, 2010


These can be worn anytime of the day ...the pendant is made of cubic glass with velvetty soft string, length about 26cm (adjustable)...only one each piece for RM15

Transparent round pendant set on silver ring with silky string - SOLD

Orange flower pendant with shiny stones in the middle

Color of all seasons...lavender - SOLD

Black with white stones around it - SOLD

Skyblue with similar colored stones

African beauties....

These are one of my favorite pick cos of their exotic colors....Thus the name 'African Beauties'..they measure about 4cm in length...set on silver alloy material with fish hook...

Each RM 25

E021- Faux creamy pearl glass set on silver base

E022-Multicolored faux glass pearl set on green and black printed silver base

E023 - Pretty purple with greyish blackish cat's eye

E024 - Leopard print with faux creamy pearl

E025- White leopard with black print on silver base


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